Seriously college is still a thing?

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Seriously college is still a thing?

Postby westinbrodey » Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:45 am


College just comes out to be, the formula,: you pay some one 136,000$ - 250,000$ to do ALL the work. Can you believe it? not only that but the work which you're doing causes you EXTREME pain in the brain because u hate them and don't want to do them or don't enjoy them or do them naturally even thought you'd pick the "EASIEST" college major, like for ME Biology, due to to the fact that it has many pictures and you can imagine them easily in ur head or so it's easier to learn.
Then'd u'd come out and they, the companies which you applied to jobs to do for hired based on your deegree of achievement, I.E Bachelor Degree in Biology for me, after a painful process in the head of suffering working to get the degree, they'd say "Oh, you know althought u'd had a rounded education, u'd didn't really liked your major. You didn't find it exciting. Or fun. Or do it naturally. So you really can't do the work easily or naturally. So we can't hire you. Based on your portfolio of like doing nothing in the line of your major to show or prove that this work is exciting for u. Or ur competent in it at operating microscope machinery or something. Cause u don't got technical exciting skills that you're excited in and good at doing."

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